Change Management

Hardly anyone likes to change, most want it to stay as it is. Effective change requires thawing, warming up and getting ready to go before it starts. It's about making yourself head and belly for change. (Quote: "Abenteuer Change Management" - F.A.Z.-Institut für Managment, 60326 Frankfurt am Main)


Conflict Management

Coflicts will always exist. However, since one does not want to destroy the illusion of peace and harmony, conflicts are often taboo both in the private and in the social environment. Just now they are escalating excessively. (Quote: "Leadership-Modul für Führungsfachlete" - Compendio Bildungsmedien AG, Zürich)

Integrative Working Models

Vocational and school integration is one of the buzz words of recent years. Everyone is for integration, where integration makes sense and where it does not. Where integration begins and how far it should go, then the spirits divorce. Many companies but also authorities are overwhelmed with this question and a support is missing in many cases;